Automating a brute force web attack

March 24, 2017 mattcasmith 0

This week was all about hacking at the SANS Cyber Retraining Academy, as students attempted to take control of a drone before embarking on a two-day Netwars capture the flag marathon.

How I became a Linux person

March 18, 2017 mattcasmith 0

I used to swear by macOS, but in recent years I found performance dropping and frustration growing. Luckily, my eyes were opened to what a great alternative Linux has become.

Hackers look just like you and me

February 9, 2017 mattcasmith 0

When you think of a hacker, what do you picture? As someone who grew up in the ’90s, my go-to mental image was always Boris Grishenko, the bespectacled computer technician from 1995’s James Bond film GoldenEye, known for his catchphrase, “I am invincible!”