Muse: Drones World Tour – a fast-paced spectacle that’s very, very loud

July 13, 2018 mattcasmith 0

I had big expectations for Muse: Drones World Tour after 2013’s excellent Live at Rome Olympic Stadium. I wasn’t expecting a Hullabaloo beater, but I would have been happy with a solid rendition of the album’s tracks and older singles against the unique backdrop of the arena tour’s “in the round” setup and 360-degree Drones-themed experience.

How to build a Formula 1 car in Kerbal Space Program

July 7, 2018 mattcasmith 0

As a pretty big Formula 1 fan, it was only a matter of time until I did my best Adrian Newey impression and attempted to build an F1 car in Kerbal Space Program. Surprisingly, I was able to get some pretty good results quite quickly. Here’s how I did it…