I just found a huge collection of cheap cyber security learning materials

I don’t know about everyone else, but I sometimes find that self-motivated cyber security learning can be a bit of a tricky business, and it can be hard to know where to start.

When I get to attend SANS courses (something I’m hoping to do again in the near future) they’re great, and if I’m searching for the answer to a specific question then there are some really useful resources out there, but I sometimes get a bit stuck when it comes to thinking of a useful topic to spend my free time exploring on the unstructured mess that is the internet.

Until now, I’ve never had a way to keep learning about cyber security at home in a structured, logical way that wouldn’t have cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

But recently I actually took a proper look at StackSocial. For years I’ve seen the site pop up from time to time, usually in sponsored posts on websites about video games, promoting discounted programming courses that could enable readers to build their own software. However, after following one of these links on a whim, I found that the site actually has quite a big cyber security section with courses on everything from pen testing to CISSP.

The general gist of the site seems to be that courses are organised into bundles. Each bundle either has a straightforward price (all of which claim to be heavily discounted) or work on a pay-what-you-want basis, with payments over the average unlocking the full content. The usual going rate for a full package seems to be between $20 and $40 (£15 to £30), which is a drop in the ocean when it comes to cyber security learning materials.

I can’t comment on the quality of the content – I’ve purchased a couple of bundles but am yet to use them – but some of them include digital editions of books from series I’ve found very useful and informative before, and I’m sure there must be something worth watching in the video packages, some of which include hundreds of hours of instruction and labs.

I’ll write a post later to let everyone know how my bundles turn out, but for now I’m adding StackSocial to my list of useful cyber security resources alongside Packt Publishing’s regular free ebooks – just thought I’d give a heads up before some of the titles disappear!

Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash