About me

About me

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog! Here’s a little about me.

The last year or so has been quite a busy time for me. In January 2017 I quit my job as a cyber security journalist to study at the government-funded SANS Cyber Retraining Academy, where I earned my GIAC Security Essentials and GIAC Certified Incident Handler certifications.

Since then I’ve found work as a cyber security consultant and am enjoying learning more about the industry, the way businesses approach security, and exactly how the different technical elements and solutions work and fit together.

I’m also experimenting with Python in my free time, so I’ll likely be blogging a fair bit about that. Otherwise, expect posts about everything cyber security, technology, design, and a few bits and pieces from my own life here in London.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to send me an email.

Note: If you’re a PR and you have something you think I’d be interested in writing about on my blog, please use the address above. Please note that I am no longer a journalist and do not regularly write for any other print or online publication.